And Now, 584 Words About Sean E. Ali

By now you’ve no doubt been drooling over the teaser promo images for Dillon and The Voice of Odin so before the next one goes up it’s time to shine the spotlight on the mastermind behind them.

Sean E. Ali is a name that will be familiar to those of you who are fans of the many fine books published by Pro Se Press. They’re one of the major leading publishers of New Pulp today.  Sean E. Ali is the creative genius behind the design of their many eye-popping, distinctive and decidedly pulpish covers. Thanks to his craftsmanship and eye for color, composition and graphic design, in many ways, Sean is the face of Pro Se since the first thing you see when you pick up a Pro Se book is his work, along with that of the talented artists that also contribute to the growing success of Pro Se Press.

So how did Sean and I hook up? As with so many other talented people I’ve met, it started with casual conversation on Facebook. Sean expressed to me on many occasions how much he enjoyed my Dillon stories and novels. I never had any idea of how much he liked the character until I saw these up on Facebook one day:



All on his own, Sean had went ahead and done a few images in the style of movie posters and those movie banner you see on buses. When I asked him what did “October 2015” mean he replied “That’s when the movie is going to hit theaters, dummy.” Now I ask you, what can one do or say when facing such overwhelming confidence? And I have been blessed with knowing so many people who have such confidence and faith in the character I’ve created that they can envision such a future for him even if I can’t.

And Sean E. Ali is a man of such faith. We got to know each other really well during the final phases of the Black Pulp project and there were many late night conversations in which we exchanged many thoughts and ideas. The more conversations we had the more my respect for this man’s work ethic, creative philosophy and imaginative power grew. Sean E. Ali is a man who does not commit himself lightly to anything. Once he signs on board with you he’s right there through every step, ever level of the process. He knows how to work with people and he knows how to put his ego in the closet and look ahead to the future of any given project and that is what he sees and that is his goal. Everything else is secondary.

When I described my desire for the reissue of the Dillon adventures with new covers that unified them and made it clear with just by looking at the covers that they were all part of the same series, Sean knew exactly what I meant. Along with the badass new Dillon logo provided by Percival Constantine, he delivered in spectacular fashion. And he’s already got ideas in mind for the other covers as well. I’m looking forward to it as well as any other projects we may work on. Because if there’s anything I do have faith in is that Sean E. Ali and I will be working together for a very long time.

Sean E. Ali’s Facebook Page….bounce on over and friend him, whydon’tcha?

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