Sean E. Ali’s Been Busy…

From the same folks who brought you the greatest live action hero film adaptation never, Derrick Ferguson’s DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN, comes the six episode animated miniseries that never happened: DILLON AND THE MASK OF AMIRI EZANA.

Here’s some of the dialogue from the first episode: “THE LAIR OF THE GOLDEN LADY”…

“Lady, after everything I went through to get here, there’s not a damned thing you can say that will be any more effective than all those guys downstairs hoping that medical is part of the henchmen health plan.” Dillon’s eyes were pools of molten gold as his gaze fastened on the mask of Amiri Ezana in the slim fingers of the Golden Lady. “You took something that doesn’t belong to you, and I’m here to get it back.”

The Lady seemed to not be terribly concerned over Dillon’s declaration. She continued to focus her attention on the mask. “Mr. Dillon, you say nothing will prevent you from taking the mask back to the museum. Fine. I’m happy to return it once I’m done with it.” She whispered something that even Dillon’s acute hearing could not make out and with her free hand she made a pass over the mask. Dillon thought it was probably a trick of the light, but mask seemed to be… struggling to break free of the Golden Lady’s grasp. Her fingers fell away as if she were releasing a bird and the mask of Amiri Ezana began to glow as it glided above her outstretched palm.

“Tell me something, Mr. Dillon. Have you ever heard of a land called…Shamballah?”


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