The Dillon Playlist

Occasionally the question will come up; “Derrick, do you listen to music while you write? And if so, what kind of music do you listen to?”

Just so happens that I do like to listen to music, depending on what I’m writing. But most of what I listen to is movie soundtracks. For instance, if I’m writing a Bass Reeves or Sebastian Red story I listen to Western and Spaghetti Western soundtracks.

The music I listen to when writing Dillon’s adventures tend to be way more eclectic an varied. I listen to a LOT of different kinds of music when I’m pounding away at the keyboard when in the white-hot frenzy of Dillon’s latest insane escapade. The actual full Dillon playlist is well over a 1000 songs but here’s 75 to get you started with. I’ll be adding to it from time to time so check back occasionally, y’hear?

Enjoy the music!


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