Checking In: December 2019

Greetings and Salutations to you all and I hope that everybody had a most enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving Weekend with friends, family and loved ones. I’ve always appreciated Thanksgiving for a reason I don’t think most do. For me it signals the beginning of a time of looking back on what I’ve accomplished during the previous months. What did I get done and what I didn’t get done is what I start to think about. As well as the relationships I value. Did I do my best not to insult or piss off anybody who didn’t deserve it? Did I work at building new relationships and nurturing old ones?

But you don’t come here to suffer through my half-assed musings. No, you want to know what’s new with Dillon and his ever expanding, always exciting universe.

Well, first of all you’ll notice that the joint has a whole new look. Some of you got in touch with me privately, concerned at the lack of updating here and feared that I was just going to let the site just sit there, unused and unloved.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I’d delete the whole thing first before I let it sit here forgotten and lost. But I knew that Tommy Hancock was going to be releasing DILLON: THE ODD JOBS in October and the 2019 DILLON ANNUAL COLLECTION in December (quite appropriate since it’s all Christmas stories in that one) so I wanted to hold off and wait until it was close to the release of the two books before giving the joint a whole new look. I hope you like it. I wanted it to to be easy to navigate, colorful and above all fun to poke around in and discover stuff you might have missed on a previous visit.

You will notice that there are interviews with the authors of the stories in THE ODD JOBS and I sincerely hope that you’ll take some of your leisure time to read them as I believe that they’ll greatly enhance your enjoyment of their stories. otherwise I wouldn’t have done ‘em. And in the coming months I intend to do more interviews with the members of the Dillon FB Group to get their impressions of how they first came to experience Dillon as well as allow us all to get to know each other better.

What else? Work is progressing on “The Return of The Specialists” and I’m determined that it will be the next Dillon novel and then I’ll make up my mind what’s going to be next. I’m waffling big time on what the one after that is going to be. And somewhere in all that I still have to keep a promise I made to a friend’s son and get busy on “Young Dillon and The Warmasters of Shamballah”

But it’s all good. As I’ve said before, I’d rather have too much to do and have multiple projects to choose from rather than sit around whining that I don’t have any ideas. Such is not a problem for me. I long ago came to terms with the fact that I’ll never live long enough to write all the books and stories I want to write. But I’ll do the best I can while I’m here.

As always, thank you for your time, your patience and above all, your support. I fully am aware and respect that you could be spending your precious leisure time elsewhere so I’m thankful you choose to spend some of it here. Until next time, continue to enjoy the holidays, take care of your health, read some good books and watch some good movies. Be Well and God Bless.


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