Classified File #1: The Outposts


The Outposts are ten stations located at the furthest strategic perimeter of The City Eternal, Shamballah. They are crewed by three-man teams of Sentries selected by lottery from the citizens of Shamballah to serve a three-month tour of duty. It is expected that all citizens of Shamballah will do their duty unless illness or family hardships prohibits them from doing so.

The purpose of The Outposts are mainly to monitor the paths for visitors from the towns, villages and communities located on the borders of Shamballah as very rarely does anybody from the outside world find their way to Shamballah.

The Outposts are comfortable cabins, fully equipped and stocked for The Sentries and provided with whatever personal needs they ask for, within reason. The Outposts consists of a Main Room, three bedrooms, kitchen, study, game room and workout/exercise/training room.

The Second Outpost is the one located at the shining silver bridge Dillon’s mother brought them to with the hopes of crossing it before they were caught and/or killed by the servants of Thahali, She Who Wears The Dress of Seven Sorrows. Manned by Vidisi, Nicholas Lyle and Orozo at the time, they have the distinction of being the first citizens of Shamballah to meet Dillon.


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