Associates, Assets & Agents Debriefing Session #5 with Lucas Garrett


Derrick Ferguson: We can’t take it for granted that everybody knows who you are so we have to begin with the question I always start with: Who Is Lucas Garrett? Where do you live and what do you do to keep the bill collectors away?

Lucas Garrett: I am a 40-year-old Marine Corps veteran with over twenty years of experience in the security industry, and one year of experience as a building engineer. I currently reside in the Lawrenceville, Georgia area where I have lived for close to 10 years. I am a security professional working in the Midtown Atlanta area for a notable security company for the last 8 plus years.

DF: How did you discover Dillon?

LG: I remember seeing an Amazon link to DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN on the PULP HEROES Facebook group circa. 2012-2013. I became very interested in the book, and I bought it. DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN is one of the best literary discoveries I have made this past decade, because it introduced me to Dillon and his world. Then again, I am biased when it comes to this mercenary for hire.

DF: What was the first Dillon novel/story you read?



DF: What’s your favorite Dillon novel/story?

LG: It’s a tie between THE VRIL AGENDA and DILLON AND THE LAST RAIL TO KHUSRA. When I think of Dillon, and who he is at his core, those are the two books that come to mind. Highly recommended reading.

DF: Who’s your favorite Dillon sidekick?

LG: Eli Creed, the partner, mentor, and surrogate father figure to Dillon. Eli Creed is who you get when you have a man with the qualities of Sam Elliott and Kris Kristofferson who tells it like it is, and brings it who you need his help. Eli is the elder rugged statesman of the Dillon family of friends and colleagues. And he is irreplaceable.



DF: What is it about Dillon What makes him exciting and a character you want to read about?

LG: Dillon is the man on the move action hero who could be the Director of his own global intelligence gathering network, like Colonel Nick Fury who runs SHIELD in Marvel Comics, or have a high-tech industrial conglomerate like Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. In both cases, Dillon possesses that level of intelligence, capability, and resource. Nevertheless, he doesn’t feel the need to have all of that because he knows who he is.

Dillon is a heroic mercenary for hire who travels the world righting wrongs, and doing as much good wherever he plants his boots. He’s the friend you want fighting beside you, and the adversary you should fear because of how creative he can be when push comes to shove. Don’t piss him off. Very few live to tell the tale.

And he is literally a human transformer: when it comes to Dillon, he is genuinely more than meets the eye. He is a Man of Destiny who deep down in his subconscious is aware of it, but he is doing what he can until that opportune moment arrives.

There’s a reason why he was trained by the Warmasters of Liguria. And I doubt it is only because of who his equally capable mother was. There’s more to it. Furthermore, there’s a reason why he he had to leave Shamballah.

But that story has yet to be told and I want to see that story.

Because that story, and the stories that follow, will answer a bunch of questions I have about Dillon that’s been on my mind for a while. Questions about his purpose.

DF: What’s the one Dillon story that you would like to read that hasn’t yet been written?

LG: I want to read the sequel to YOUNG DILLON IN THE HALLS OF SHAMBALLAH, and I want to read a short story where Dillon teams up with an older Doc Savage, but only suspects that’s who he’s fighting with (due to copyright concerns, of course), similar to how Dave Stevens had Cliff Secord, also known as The Rocketeer, encountered Doc Savage and The Shadow without naming them.


DF: Do you have any ambitions of writing a Dillon story yourself?

LG: Perhaps down the road. My writing chops aren’t there yet. I’m great at outlining, synopsis, and plotting, but my flow needs a lot of work. Especially, when it comes to dialogue and fight choreography. But I am working at it when not working the graveyard shift or on social media. The latter I need to ease off on. Especially, if I want to become the writer and illustrator I want to be.

DF: Recommend a Book, A TV Series and A Movie.

LG: Mark Millar’s PRODIGY is my favorite comic book series of 2019. It could easily fit within Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s PLANETARY comic book series sub-universe of the WildStorm Universe. It’s that good. And I highly recommend reading it.

Especially if you want to see a character with the intelligence of Michael Holt (Mister Terrific) and Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) , and looks like Michael Holt in a three piece suit, operating in a world similar to our own, who takes on ridiculous online challenges to keep him from being bored, and combats unknown threats to the world.

PRODIGY might be a Mark Millar book, but it reads like a Jonathan Hickman book, and I appreciate that a lot.

THE MANDALORIAN is the best thing to happen to STAR WARS since ROGUE ONE, in my opinion, because it broadens the horizons of the franchise. And it is the way forward for STAR WARS after the end of the Sequel Trilogy. The sooner Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and Timothy Zahn are running Lucasfilm, the happier I will be. They understand the ethos and mythology of STAR WARS.

I am looking forward to 1917, and THE KINGMAN, the apparent prequel to the entire KINGSMEN film series as I have a fascination with the era of the First World War going as far back as my sophomore year in high school. And I see that point in time as the origin point of many of things we are still facing in the present day. Most of it is unfortunately bad. A bunch of missed opportunities and wasted lives.

Nevertheless, the generation that survived that war, later remembered as the Lost Generation, gave birth to a generation of men and women who would do their part in stopping the evils left behind from that cataclysmic war.

Their offspring is correctly remembered as the Greatest Generation. And there’s a reason for that title being bestowed upon them despite their own moral and societal shortcomings. They earned it.

Derrick Ferguson: Last Words. Go:

Lucas Garrett: Thank you for the opportunity to do this interview, Derrick. I appreciate it.

I can be found on Facebook, and I have a WordPress website titled, Luc’s Speculations, that collects entries that are my personal head canon crossover speculations linking any pop culture subjects that I think might have a connection.

Thanks again, Derrick. And take care, man.




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