Classified Files #3: Mister Om

Mister Om is one of the more well known of The Warmasters of Liguria. Many of them prefer to keep to themselves or limit their association to other Warmasters. Mister Om is a Warmaster that can be seen out and about at many social functions interacting with the citizens of Shamballah, attending the theater, the opera, public concerts and such. He also appears to enjoy horse racing and lacrosse, both highly popular sporting events in Shamballah. He’s even been known to do a little light betting on these sports from time to time, something that is frowned upon by some of his fellows as they believe Warmasters should be above that sort of thing.

But they don’t press the issue because there is no doubt that if Mister Om isn’t the deadliest of Warmasters, he most certainly is treated as if he is. He is also visibly the oldest of The Warmasters although none know his actual age. Dillon once asked him sarcastically if he was a hundred and fifty years old and Mister Om answered “something like that.” Due to the unique properties of Shamballah where time works and moves differently than anywhere else on Earth, it could very well be that Mister Om is indeed over a hundred. One day we may be privileged enough to find out.

He is known for his eccentricities such as wearing glasses that he does not need as he has 20/20 vision. He has lived in Shamballah long enough that he is in perfect physical health although he likes to give the impression of being a frail, infirm old man. He enjoys a unique position among The Warmasters as he acts as a sort of unofficial second-in-command and mentor to Kerenos Ford who values Mister Om for counsel, advice and guidance. Even his choice of title is one of his eccentricities as he is entitled to be called Master Om as he is Warmaster but he insists that all call him Mister Om.

Mister Om told Dillon that he trained his mother in Ki-Ryn which he claimed as his specialty. But he has many times demonstrated proficiency in at least half a dozen other martial arts. Ki-Ryn is a discipline dedicated to enhancing the physical abilities until one is able to accomplish feats bordering the superhuman such as climbing walls with bare hands and feet, holding ones breath for periods far longer than one should be able to, moving at faster speeds a normal human is capable of moving and concentrating one’s physical strength to the point where one can rip steel.

In Young Dillon In The Halls Of Shamballah Dillon and Mister Om seem to have a friendly, yet guarded relationship. But Mister Om has demonstrated his liking for the young man and has stated his respect and affection for his mother not only to Dillon but the other Warmasters. Time and further adventures of Young Dillon will tell how far this relationship goes.


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