Dillon Update for August/September 2020



About two days ago Tommy Hancock contacted me as he usually does just to chinwag with me about our respective current projects, gossip about what’s going on the New Pulp Community and just to play catch-up in general. And as he is wont to do, sometime during the conversation he will slip in the seemingly innocent question; “So what’s going on with Dillon? Anything new?” We then spent about a half hour discussing where I am now with the Dillon projects I’m noodling around with and I figured this was just as good a time to bring you up to date as well. And so…

THE RETURN OF THE SPECIALISTS currently stands at 60,698 words. From time to time somebody on Facebook or by email will ask me what happened to it. My answer is always the same: nothing. I’m still working on it. My problem is that I get sidetracked by these bright and shiny objects I can’t resist. I get asked to write a story for an anthology or a friend will ask me to read something they wrote and give my opinion on it. Or my attention will be pulled to one of the half dozen other things Im working on and I’ll go play with that for a while

When is it going to be published? That I can’t say. I really don’t like to point at a date and say, “Okay, that’s the day” unless I know with 98% certainty that that day is the day. Because it’s not fair to tease folks like that. There are few things in life worse than building up expectations and promising something that people are really looking forward to and then not delivering. But I am still working on it. And as soon as I’m done, you’ll know.

Some of you have seen some THE RETURN OF THE SPECIALISTS and I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten from you about it. For those of you who haven’t, if you bounce on over to my Patreon https://www.patreon.com/DerrickFerguson you’ll be able to download a free PDF of the first five chapters.

And if that strikes you as a pretty blatant, low-down, no-good cheap trick to send you to my Patreon and see what else is there and maybe it’ll entice you into becoming a Patron…you are absolutely right.

DILLON AND THE ISLAND OF DR. MAMUWALDE is the Dillon serial currently featured over at my Patreon. It’s roughly somewhere between 12/14,000 words and if I had known it was going to get as long and involved as it’s turned out to be, I would probably have gone on ahead and just wrote it as a novel.

But as so often happens when I’m working on a story, I find myself getting more involved with the characters and the story and that’s when my subconscious kicks in and starts working overtime on the plot and before I know it, a 10,000 word story has become 50,000 words. If I were more professionally disciplined, I would do the right thing and properly outline the damn story so I could stick to the outline and these stories wouldn’t get out of hand. But I’ve been working like this for so long I don’t know any other way to do it. As always, I thank you for your kind indulgence and patience.

As to what is going to be the eventual fate of this particular story, I don’t know as yet. If it ends up being long enough as I suspect it will, it’ll be published as a novel. If not, then it will end up in a DILLON ANNUAL which brings me to;

Is there going to be a 2020 DILLON ANNUAL this year? I seriously doubt it. My intention was to have THE ISLAND OF DR. MAMUWALDE done by this time and also to write a new Dillon Christmas story and that would have been the annual this year along with whatever other odds and ends I came up with along the way. I do have what I think is a fun idea for a Dillon Christmas story that would involve him teaming up with another character and no, don’t ask me who that character is because I don’t want to put the creator of that character on the spot.

If you feel like throwing rotten tomatoes or shouting out interjections, now is the time to do it.

The reception and enthusiasm for DILLON: THE ODD JOBS has been pleasantly surprising and I’ve been repeatedly asked if there is going to be another volume. I certainly hope so. But so far, only Erik Fromme has told me he’s working on a story for THE ODD JOBS II. It’s an open invitation to anyone who has ever had a hankering to write a Dillon story to go ahead and take a whack at it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and we’ll talk.

There’s another Dillon story I’ve been kicking around in my head for about two weeks now that would bring back Toi Lahayne, who we last saw in “Dillon and The Pirates of Xonira” as well as seeing Dillon return to the outlaw town of Cheap Prayer, deep in the jungles of Cambodia. I’m gonna give it another week to percolate before I decide what to do with it.

Okay, I guess that’s it. As always, I thank you for your patience and your support. You’re the fuel that keeps my motor running and never forget that. Good night and God Bless.

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