Dillon And The Voice of Odin

DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN was published as a novel back in 1993 but his origins go back much further than that.  I actually started conceiving the character back in the 1980’s and I was stuck waffling between spelling his name Dillon or Dylan.

Where did Dillon come from?  My desire to tell pulp adventure stories such as the ones I discovered during the 1970’s during the Big Pulp Boom of that period.  That’s when the Bantam Doc Savage reprints with the James Bama covers were white hot.  Other publishers jumped on the bandwagon and before you could yell “Shazam!” the bookstores were packed with paperback reprints of The Shadow, The Spider (whose stories were actually rewritten to update them to the 70’s) G-8 And His Battle Aces, Operator 5 and others.  Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs also benefited from this Big Pulp Boom as well.  It didn’t hurt at all that the covers of their books were gorgeously illustrated by legendary art giants such as Frank Frazetta and Neal Adams.

Anyway, I was there when all this pulp goodness was going on and I set out to create a hero in the style of these great pulp characters.  The influences on me were many: the pulps, of course.  Jim Steranko’s brilliant “Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.”.  Ian Fleming and James Bond.  “Jonny Quest” “The Wild Wild West” The Derek Flint movies starring James Coburn.  ’70’s blaxplotation/grindhouse movies.  Robert R. McCammon who taught me not to be afraid to switch between different POVs and who, next to Clive Cussler writes the best action scenes I’ve ever read.  And George C. Chesbro who taught me not to be afraid to mix genres.

Around this time I became associated with a group of talented writers who wanted to create an original fiction site.  We all knew each other through our shared love of writing and all wrote fan fiction but there was an itch we all had that could only be scratched by doin’ our own thing.  And so we pooled our resources and thus was born FRONTIER, which is where Dillon’s story actually began.

DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN was originally presented as a monthly serial, one chapter a month.  I wrote it as if it were a Saturday morning serial with each chapter ending on a dire cliffhanger that was resolved in the next chapter.  The formula seemed to work.  It worked so well that when the time came to decide which one of FRONTIER’s many serialized novels would be the first to be published as a novel, the unanimous decision was that DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN be the first.


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